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Redemption Tickets


Globe Ticket produces redemption tickets in 3 different paper types. Our standard tickets have 2000 tickets per bundle. Globe also has custom tickets with 2500 per bundle or 3000 per bundle. Contact our sales department for more information on these cost saving options.

What gets the kids more excited about playing the games at your Family Entertainment Center, Water Park, Game Room, or Amusement Park? It’s the redemption tickets that stream out of the machine as they rack up the points trying to win that top shelf prize. Globe’s One Point Stock Redemption Tickets are available on white stock for your immediate needs. Do you want to customize your tickets? We offer a wide variety of different colors and options to choose from. If your annual usage is over 6,000,000 tickets, we can set up a contract that offers pricing based on your total usage. We will produce and put your tickets into storage at our warehouse facility. You let us know when and how many of your tickets you need. We will then ship them out and bill you only for the tickets you released. Globe Ticket’s redemption program makes it easy to keep you in the game.