We thought some of you would like to see some of the articles that were published in the past as part of the Globe News.

Here is an article from Jan of 1962.



Our Strength Is In Our Freedom

While we must face up to the Space Age and spend increasingly large amounts to further our know how in this direction, as well as developing incredibly complex research centers and plants to produce the necessary equipment, we must never forget that basically the family is the strength of America, the incentive for which most Americans strive in maintaining the way of life that has furnished us so many spiritual and material benefits.

The little child with its parents on the front cover represents a typical scene - the hopes and prayers for the new life, a desire to furnish the best world for it to live in.

We in America feel that "the best world" is a free world. - Freedom to worship as we like - Freedom to travel where our fancy dictates - Freedom to choose our employment - to live where we prefer - and Freedom to save and invest.

It is this last freedom which has been so much in the news and is one of the reasons given for the proposed tax ·cut which has been so much discussed. Taxcuts have been viewed as a way to restore to the people more of this freedom to save and invest. This economic freedom goes with three others:

• Freedom to buy and sell.

Freedom to make a profit or loss.

Freedom to run your own business.

Freedom to save and invest stirs economic growth, as growth depends on investments. Investment, of course, means spending for homes, cars, food, clothing, etc.

Freedom to buy and sell is based on free markets, and provides for efficient use of goods and services.

Freedom to make a profit or a loss has two effects: First, the profit system provides incentives. We all need incentives for greater effort. It is a unique way of stimulating human accomplishment and has been successful in America. Second, it works to promote the survival of the fittest. This simply means that the most efficient production of the best product at the best price will be the most successful.

Freedom to run one's own business is also necessary to open opportunities for new ideas, new products, new services.There must be an incentive to venture your time and capital to offer it to the public.

All of these basic freedoms are a part of the American way of life, and should be guarded jealously. Any encroachment upon them by outside influences or even well-intentioned influences inside of our country, should be viewed with great concern.

As we are facing the common markets, the rising soundness of economy throughout the rest of the world, we will have to assure ourselves of strength in all of these freedoms; otherwise, the future of our country is in great danger, and our families in jeopardy.