Globe Ticket Luggage Tags (1,000/Box)

Globetag Luggage Tags 

1,000 Tags per Box 


Replacing your conventional luggage tags with the Globetag Luggage Tags will save you money, time, and eliminate guest complaints. You will use fewer tags to check in the same number of bags and packages than you would with conventional luggage tags. Each Globetag will check up to six bags or packages. When the Guest checks in with multiple bags, they are handed a single claim check. The bell person then applies one of the five matching numbered pressure sensitive strips to each bag handle or package the guest is checking in, except one. On the last bag, the bell person loops the elastic string tag, with the same matching number, thru the bag handle and the bags are ready to proceed to the guest’s room. The cost of lost and misplaced luggage will be virtually eliminated, because the bell person will only have one number and claim check to keep track of. Your Guests won’t have to wait for multiple claim checks when they arrive and the possibility of lost claim checks is reduced dramatically.