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CP Checks

Customer Preference Check

Have you ever been frustrated waiting in a long line, looking at the back of the next person’s head and inching forward at a snail’s pace? Globe’s customer preference checks put an end to that ordeal by turning a negative into a positive. It’s only fair to serve your customers in the same order as they have entered your store. Why not allow your customers to enjoy the wait by allowing them to shop and maintain their place in line? The numbered checks are issued in consecutive order and match an L.E.D. display board which shows the customer whose number is currently being served. Our stock C.P. checks are available in five pastel colors; Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow and White. Bakeries, delicatessens or any other retail operations can benefit from Globe C.P. checks. Customize your checks with your business’s name and logo to add that little bit extra to your patron’s experience.  Do you need help loading your machine?