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Penny Social Raffle Tickets

Penny Social - Chinese Auction Tickets

Want to have a fund raiser for your organization, cause, or group and have fun doing so? Try throwing a Penny Social or Chinese Auction; here’s how it works. Your group receives donations of various items from throughout your community. The items are then placed for auction, on tables, with a bowl for each item. You sell the Globe Penny Social Ticket Sheets which contain 25 tickets, a door prize ticket and receipt stub, all with the same matching number, as they enter the auction. Your bidders place their tickets in the bowl of the items they would like to bid on. They can place as many of their tickets on an item as they want. Really want a prize, put all your tickets on that one item. Like a variety of different items, spread your tickets around. Run out of tickets, buy more sheets. Any way you look at it, everyone has fun and your organization reaps the benefits. The Stock Penny Social Tickets come in a variety of colors. Do you want a good way to promote your group? Add your name and logo to customize your sheets.  Here are some helpful tips for running a Chinese Auction.