Does your bakery, deli, grocery, or retail store us a Globe Ticket TAKACHECK Machine?

Let Globe Ticket tell you all about it and how to use it correctly in your store.

Globe TAKACHECK Machines utilize C.P. Checks to help your store better determine a queue for your services. Globe offers a variety of stock colors as well as the option to customize them to your store as well.

Globe C.P. Checks


Step-by-Step Instructions on refilling your machine.

1.)    Remove top by pulling the lever located on the back of the machine.


2.)    Once top has been removed, take a stack of C.P. Checks and put them in the slot shown here.


3.)    Feed the top ticket behind and over this metal bar.


4.)    Flip open the metal ticket place holder


5.)    Feed C.P. Checks along the curved base and line up ticket hold with metal notch on the base.


6.)    Flip closed the place holder


7.)    Replace Cover and press red lever to advance the ticket.