Ultimate tickets are high quality laser printed event tickets. Using this technique Globe Ticket can offer an alternative ticket to our valued customers at a lower price compared to tickets produced on a printing press. Ultimate tickets do not require plates or special inks therefore keeping cost to a minimum.

Ultimate 1

1 1/2” X 4 1/4”     -   Up to triplicate numbering    -   2 perforations per ticket                          


Ultimate 2

1 3/8” X 5 ¼”   -  Up to triplicate numbering    -   2 perforations per ticket

Optional pre trimmed stub to 3 7/8” length 



Put Up: Loose or Books (glued or stitched)

Imprint: customized message or Logo

Optional Features: Back Printing

Variable Numbering: Sec/Row/Seat, Ticket Number, Box/Seat, Table/Chair, General Admission, and more! 21 options in all.

Stock Colors: Aqua, Brown, Blue, Gray, Green, Lavender, Orange, Red, Rose, Yellow, Neon Cherry,  Neon Coral, Neon Green, Neon Orange

As General Admission Tickets: Revenue control information can be imprinted to your specifications. Choose from our 14 different colors to distinguish tickets by event, date, or performance time.

As Reserved Seat Tickets: Globe has the ability to print your tickets accurately and efficiently using large legible seat numbers imprinted on each ticket that coordinate with the seating in your venue.  You can also use the back of the ticket for fundraising opportunities or disclaimers.   

Globe Ticket offers quick turnaround on our high quality tickets.

To place an order or for more information call toll free 800-523-5968  

You can also email our Ultimate Ticket expert here.