Artwork Specifications

Globe Ticket uses the most advanced electronic pre-press techniques to produce high quality tickets, tags and labels. We have found that the most accurate replication of artwork is achieved when the customer provides their artwork in an electronic format. Please follow these guidelines.

Sending Files

  • Email (preferred)
  • File Hosting Site(examples: DropBox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc.)
  • MAC or PC formatted CD-R/DVD


  • All proofs will be sent via email as a PDF or fax if email is not an option
  • Alternate options are available upon request

File Formats

Preferred Formats
    • Adobe INDESIGN (packaged including all fonts and links used)
    • Adobe ILLUSTRATOR (packaged including all fonts and links used)
Acceptable Formats
    • Adobe PHOTOSHOP - Artwork should be created in layers for easy manipulation. Do not flatten layers. Do not include body text in Photoshop files. Text should be provided in Illustrator or in a text file format.
    • Adobe PDF (Press Quality)
    • CANVA (Press Quality PDF)
    • MS Word -Text Only
    Microsoft:(MS Word/ Excel/ Visio are not design programs. Please do not supply artwork in these formats.)

    Images Fonts

    • Photographs (TIFF or EPS) 300dpi minimum
    • BITMAPS (TIFF) 600dpi minimum
    • LOGO artwork preferred as line art (vector EPS/Ai)


    • Text should be 4pts or greater
    • Inverted text should be 6 points or greater to avoid fill in

    ** If microprinting is required (less than 4pt type), please consult with your sales rep to ensure clarity & legibility of microprint**


    • Colors may be divided between the front & rear of the ticket in any combination.
    • Color Restrictions - there can be no black printing in the path of a black optical sensor mark. If print is required in this area, please call for further details.
    • Provide Pantone Color values for all artwork that is to be printed as Spot.
    • Photographs to be printed in 4-color process should be saved as CMYK

    Minimum Values

    • Screens should not be less than 5%
    • Multiple screens should differ by at least 6%
    • Line thickness must be 0.0006" minimum (0.5pt)
    • Allow a minimum of 0.125" bleed for artwork extending beyond the ticket borders


    A quality product begins with a good starting point. The following steps can help expedite and set a high standard for the proofing and printing of your tickets. Please be sure to include:
    Working file(s) + Linked image(s) + Fonts + PDF Composite
    Download Artwork Specifications