Are you looking to separate a group from the rest of your patrons at your venue? The VIP area of a concert, the birthday party at your Family Fun Center, or underage customers at your bar? Wristbands will allow you to properly identify those consumers by securing a wristband to their wrist so that it is visible and distinguishable as they move throughout your venue. Globe Ticket offers a diverse collection of materials and colors to meet your demands.

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Your choice of .75” x 10” or 1” x 10” wristband with an assortment of colors. Security-cut adhesive closure to prevent transferring between patrons.


Narrow, regular, and wide sizes available with a snap closure to restrict removal.


Durable vinyl material offered in narrow, regular, and wide sizes with snap closure to restrict removal.  


Compatible with any thermal printer, thermal wristbands allow you to have a custom design and the ability to print information that your operation requires.