Security Features

There are a number of workable security features/techniques available for use to prevent counterfeiting. Most of the problems encountered on thermal and souvenir tickets are due to color copying. You should consult your Globe Ticket Sales Rep. to see which features/techniques are available for your application. 

For thermal tickets, the easiest security device is the thermal ticket itself. The Thermal Paper Friction Test is when you take the side of your fingernail and scratch quickly across the face of the thermal ticket. This will cause a black streak to appear. If someone went to the trouble to acquire thermal ticket stock and tried to run it through a color laser printer the heat from the printer should cause the stock to turn black.

Some of the most cost-effective security features are to print your tickets with one or more of the available security inks. The ink features discussed below would require the purchase of 1 or more plates for printing based on which features are chosen.

  • Fluorescent Inks cannot be reproduced as most color printers & copiers use a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow & black for printing, none of which contain fluorescents.
  • Clearcoat Varnish cannot be reproduced as the ink itself is clear and will not be picked up by a copier. This feature is similar to a watermark and can be seen if tilted into the light correctly.
  • UV/Black Light Ink is very similar to the clearcoat varnish in the aspect that it is a clear ink and cannot be reproduced in a copier, however it has special additives that enable it to glow with use of a black light. This is very similar to the techniques used on currency.
  • Coin Reactive Ink. Again, this ink is very similar to the clearcoat varnish in the aspect that it is a clear ink and cannot be reproduced in a copier. This ink has special additives that when rubbed with a coin or a metal object a specific printed image will appear. 
  • Thermo-chromatic Ink. This is a light-colored ink that when touched will disappear with the heat generated by your hands. If your hands are too cold to activate this ink, any friction such as rubbing the surface lightly will achieve the required effect. Once the heat or friction is removed, and the area cools down, the image/ink will reappear.
Additional cost-effective features would be the use of Void Screens, Micro-Printing, Bar-coding or Numbering.
  • Void Screens use a combination of screen angles to allow a hidden security word within a design but upon the ticket being copied, the security word should become visible. This feature can be incorporated into the design at no additional charge but as copier/scanner technology becomes better, this feature is not the most effective.
  • Micro-printing, this is very small “printed” text that when you try to copy it should produce a blurred line making it unreadable.
  • Bar-coding is another option as it can contain specific information that can be read electronically. If you don’t use a bar-coded system, this feature can still be used as a dummy option.
  • Numbering, whether it be random or sequential, this feature can be numerical or can also contain alpha characters. Numbers are typically printed in black however red can be produced if required. If red numbers are required, please call to confirm there are no limitations to your requirements.

Security Perforation/Die-cutting is another “unique” feature that is “cut” into the ticket similar to a perforation. This can be a specific shape or design as required; however, this would need the purchase of a custom die. 

Holographic, Diffraction and Metallic Foils are amongst the highest end security features but are also the most expensive features. With these features, the design is usually a pattern, a repeating image or a straight color that cannot be reproduced by a copier as the rainbow effect would go flat. For the Metallic Foils, again, copiers cannot reproduce the required color as they use a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow & black for printing. Foil applications require the purchase of a hot-stamp die. Custom foil designs can be produced but are very expensive to do so. ** Foils should not be imaged on by thermal printers as this can damage the print-head.

Safety Centered Stock is a color that is manufactured inside the center of the paper (sandwiched) revealing itself when the ticket is torn. This option would require a minimum purchase. If you would like to consider this option, you should call for further details to see if your order falls within the minimum requirements.

Weather Resistant/Synthetic Stocks - Waterproof stocks derived from synthetics. This material is plastic-like in nature and is more expensive than regular thermal paper stock.

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