Carry Cash Case

The Globe Ticket Carry Cash Ticket Case is a prominent piece of equipment amongst the “box office” and “high school” industries.

The Carry Cash Ticket Case is a portable box office that expedites ticket issuing and change making in any sales location. The removable cash tray features five large wells and four bill compartments. The detachable foam cushioned lid holds change in place when traveling. The lid can be fashioned in the open position and used as a security shield or windscreen for outdoor sales. Additionally, the Case allows enough room for up to four 1” wide rolls or two double rolls of tickets that can be dispensed from the compartments underneath the cash tray and through the 2” wide slots. The Globe Ticket Carry Cash Ticket Case is the most durable and efficient case on the market.

Roll Tickets

The most common and “basic ticket” issued since the early 1900’s. Mainly used and noticed at Carnivals; the roll ticket is a high-speed, consecutive numbered ticket that comes at a low cost. By being issued consecutively, roll tickets will help to prevent fraud and internal theft. They can be customized with your name, logo, text, and disclaimer. We offer a wide range of colors and sizes that will fit your needs!

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Are you looking to separate a group from the rest of your patrons at your venue? The VIP area of a concert, the birthday party at your Family Fun Center, or underage customers at your bar? Wristbands will allow you to properly identify those consumers by securing a wristband to their wrist so that it is visible and distinguishable as they move throughout your venue. Globe Ticket offers a diverse collection of materials and colors to meet your demands.

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