Transfer Cutter - 2 Notch

Part Number 600090  Transfer cutter with 2 notchers. 

This is the original Globe Transfer Cutter. The most universally accepted dash mountable holder for issuing transfers. 

The transfer is held tightly under the tensioned cutter bar which enables a clean, fast tear every time. The adjustable tension allows the pad to slide and yet stay steady for time indication tearing of transfers. One, two, or three notchers may be added to the tearing bar to designate line direction and passenger calssification. A unique leverying tongue is provided so that with a single depression at the bottom of the baseplate a tranfer pad is inserted or removed.


With serially numbered, daily dated or universal transfers, the transfer cutter makes a complete system for handling free or revenue style transfers. 


Inexpensive and durable, Globe's transfer cutters will last longer than any bus on the road.